Graphic Designer
& Visual Artist

MariPili at Café Frieda

Identity Design

Graphic identity, menu, and signage for MariPili at Café Frieda, Frye Art Museum.

Unique identity for a new café at the Frye Art Museum. Created in collaboration with Chef Grayson Corrales of MariPili Tapas Bar in Seattle. The identity takes inspiration from the rich character of Corrales’ Galician cuisine—blending the visual language of her award-winning restaurant with Frye’s clean and forward-looking brand identity.

Each letter in the logomark is altered so they encroach on eachother’s space, bend and strech and compress to form a rythmic whole.  

The secondary “cow spot” logomark hints at the history of the Frye family’s history in the cattle industry (and the abundance of bovine paintings in the Founding Collection). Further, it emphasizes the co-habitation of the two established idenities of MariPili and the museum’s former Café Frieda. While distinct, they converge as a visual symbol of this unique collaboration. 

Photography by Runyon Colie, Meg McCauley, and Jonathan Vanderweit. 

Léon Barillot. Cattle, ca. 1880. Oil on linen. 21 7/16 x 28 13/16 in. Founding Collection, Gift of Charles and Emma Frye, 1952.007. Photo: Jueqian Fang