Graphic Designer
& Visual Artist

Exhibition Identities


  1. Installation view of Stephanie Syjuco: After/Images, Frye Art Museum, June 1–September 8, 2024. Photo: Jueqian Fang
  2. Installation view of Jessica Jackson Hutchins: Wrecked and Righteous, Frye Art Museum, January 27–May 5, 2024. Photo: Jueqian Fang
  3. Installation view of Sky Hopinka: Subterranean Ceremonies, Frye Art Museum, February 17–May 26, 2024. Photo: Jueqian Fang
  4. Installation view of Hanako O‘Leary: Izanami, Frye Art Museum, November 11, 2023–January 28, 2024 Seattle, 2024. Photo: Jueqian Fang
  5. Installation of Kelly Akashi: Formations on view at the Frye Art Museum, June 17–September3, 2023. Photo: Jueqian Fang
  6. Installation of Antonio M. Gómez: LINEAJES on view at the Frye Art Museum, November 11, 2023–March 10, 2024. Photo: Jonathan Vanderweit
  7. Installation of Rafael Soldi: Soft Boy on view at the Frye Art Museum, October 7, 2023–January 7, 2024. Photo: Jueqian Fang
  8. Installation of A Living Legacy: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Art, on view at the Frye Art Museum, June 3–September 17, 2023. Photo: Jonathan Vanderweit